Bring Lavish into your home

Bringing both LUXURY and PERSONALITY to our customers

Lavish Scranton desires to bring both luxury and personality to its customers in every aspect of their experience. Whether it’s through the uniquely curated items in the shop, the online experience, or through the pampering skill set of our salon staff, we desire for every interaction with Lavish to leave you with the feeling of luxury and personalized service.

Lavish is constantly evolving in both feel and offerings. The shop found its origins 12 years ago as a skincare and cosmetics boutique. Over time, new owners added their own touch by bringing in home decor, a sampling of clothing, and eventually, The Salon @ Lavish. Every growth and change has stemmed from a desire to always find and offer something better and more unique than previously experienced. We continue this tradition by always continuing the search for statement decor, luxurious loungewear, rich body products, and a salon experience that provides service and skill above your expectations.